Point of sale displays are an essential marketing tool used in all retails stores for a range of products, by utilizing your point of sale display you can encourage buyers and therefore increase sales. These displays aim to attract the attention of customers and alert them to current promotions, offers and deals and encourage them to buy the products that are on display.

One of the most important things to remember when setting up point of sale display is the positioning; if the positioning is wrong, the chance of the display encouraging sales is lowered. The idea is to position the displays on, next to or near to the till, this way when the customers are heading to the check-out and the point of sale display is prominent, they can be drawn by it and grab the item on the way out.

MEC Packaging specializes in coming up with increased aesthetic appeal through design and art work experience which can see your point of sale display make the desired impact on the retail market.

Our experienced team can help you to design and implement the display.